It’s also more prevalent in Scotland 11,000 people live with it here.Today, on World MS Day, sufferers have taken selfies and posted them on social media sites in an attempt to help raise awareness of the cruel condition.MS affects the central nervous system, the brain and spinal cord, and can cause problems with speech, movement, sensory functions and chronic fatigue.There is currently no cure, but it is hoped that today’s One Wish selfies will bring much needed attention to one of the most common neurological conditions in young adults.It’s not known why women are more likely to get MS, or why there’s such a high instance in this country, though lack of vitamin D is thought to be a factor.But there is hope, with awareness increasing and more funding being ploughed into research.Disease modifying drugs, such as Copaxone and Avonex, can change the lives of people with relapsing remitting MS but there is currently no treatment that affects the course of the more serious primary progressive MS.BBC Scotland journalist, Elizabeth Quigley, was diagnosed with the disease in 2000. The mum of one who is married to Finance Secretary, John Swinney, made the documentary ‘Scotland’s Hidden Epidemic: The Truth about MS’ to investigate the country’s link with multiple sclerosis.Elizabeth, says that her wish will be that one day, MS will be history.Mike Laver, a former RAF pilot from St Andrews, who was in both Gulf Wars, said his wish was to be given his job back.After his MS diagnosis in 2005, the 49 year old was given no choice but to leave his beloved career. Mike has since gone on to raise for the MS Trust through his Monster Ski challenge.Newly wed, Mairi Valentine, was told she had MS just months after the birth of her daughter last December.

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