Fire Forged Friends: Kainan and Wulfric, over the course of the film. To a lesser extent, Kainan’s relationship with Freya could be considered a romantic version of this trope. From a Certain Point of View: The Norsemen never suspect Kainan’s true origins, because he uses terms and metaphors they would understand to explain his history and that of the Moorwen’s. For example, he claims to be from an island far to the north, which is a clever way of saying he’s from another planet, and technically true under the archaic convention of using north and south as metaphors for up and down.

Replica Hermes Birkin Abusive Parents: Alma’s mother beats her for helping Betty escape the murderer at one point. Animals Hate Him: The ravens are not happy with Santini when he kills some of their comrades and make him pay. Bittersweet Ending: A lot of the cast dies, but Santini is eventually caught. Betty is, however, left broken and not wanting anything to do with people after the whole trauma. Break the Cutie: Betty. Depending on how you interpret the ending, Betty may indeed have been broken. Chekhov’s Gun: The ravens. A Date with Rosie Palms: Marco tells Betty he masturbates before a shoot to relieve tension. Eye Scream: The iconic shot of Betty having needles taped under her eyelids. Also, the scene where Mira gets shot in the eye in slow mo and the scene where Santini’s eyes are pecked out by ravens. Forced to Watch: The entire point of the needles is so that Santini can force Betty to watch as he stabs Stefan to death quite brutally. Gainax Ending: Infamously. Gorn: Of course. Ironic Echo: There’s a scene early on where Santini decapitates a few ravens for no apparent reason other than disliking them. Marco capitalizes on this and uses the now angered ravens to pick him out as the killer later on. Kensington Gore: Averted, unlike many of Dario Argento’s other works; the blood in this film is actually quite realistic. Kick the Dog: Santini kills a few ravens just because he’s a mean bastard. Sex Equals Death: Played straight with Stephano but averted with Betty. Shout Out: Santini’s method of faking his death is one to Red Dragon, where Francis Dolarhyde does the same thing in very much the same way Too Dumb to Live: Guilia who knocks out the killer with an iron but ends up getting killed because she decided to taunt him about a bracelet. Your Princess Is in Another Castle: After Santini appears to burn himself to death, allowing Betty to escape, and Marco leaves for the Swiss Alps with Betty a viewer may think the movie has ended. Unfortunately for Marco, there’s ten minutes left of the film. Replica Hermes Birkin Hermes Replica Replica Hermes Bags Mooks Mecha Mooks: The Swabots in Parts 1 and 2 and the Suitroops in Supercharged. Night of the Living Mooks: The Mannequins in GPX SIU Elite Mooks: Both in the original and in SIU (although in that one, the elites are used more than the main ones) Rag Tag Bunch Of Misfits: A hockey player, a former Irish Defense Forces soldier, an heir and his sister, an exile, a college student and a former United States Marine, another college student another hockey player and a defected enemy fight aliens, elves and alchemists. Replica Hermes Bags

Hermes Replica Bags Call Back: Twice. Ki Jun will use beverages to tell Ah Jung that he really is paying attention to her, and other items too. Cherry Blossoms: Ah Jung and Ki Jun sitting on a park bench being showered with petals when they first feel the attraction. Cool Shades: In episode 7, with Jae Bum is on the microphone. Ki Jun through the series, mostly when he’s outside. Conspicuous CG: the bees in the beginning, justified because they are so hard to train. Hermes Replica Bags

Hermes Handbags So much so that he’ll keep Karswell with him so the demon can kill BOTH of them. Friend to All Children: Karswell hosts Halloween parties for local children. He appears to really like them, and vice versa. Idiot Ball: Whoever thought it was a good idea to bring an insane, suspected murderer in front of an audience, and inject him with drugs to revive him from a catatonic state, without using any restraints? Instant Runes: Averted. Karswell’s runes are written on simple strips of paper Hermes Handbags.