cheap Canada Goose ‘He was waving very happily, in a good mood. And that was the last time that we saw him.’Sobering words there from Scottish Pop Group Belle Sebastian’s frontman Stuart Murdoch on the tragic loss of their drummer on tour recently to that all too well known of rock ‘n’ roll excesses stopping off at a supermarket.The whimsical band were driving through North Dakota when they stopped off at a Walmart.Apparently too cool to do a proper head count, they headed off to their next gig but left drummer Richard Colburn wandering the supermarket without a phone, dressed only in his pyjamas.While they eventually got Colburn back, this should serve as a wake up call to all bands.Drummers are generally the most vulnerable of any group, all too easily disorientated and distracted by shiny things.Nobody whose job largely consists of repeatedly counting to four should be left in a situation where they could wander off and become lost and confused.So the Dave Desk has come with a fool proof checklist for any touring group to make sure no more at risk stick bangers become separated from their band.Set up a buddy system You can pair the drummer up with a bassist or even a sensible keyboard player. Make sure they hold hands until they’re back on the coach.Sew name labels onto all your drummer’s clothes This should include which band he belongs to, with a Canada Goose Outlet phone number and address should a kindly stranger find him.If your drummer keeps losing or destroying their name labels, microchipping is a cheap and safe alternative. cheap Canada Goose

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