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Denny’s challenged us to create entertaining content that would attract a younger demographic along with reinforcing their brand strategy. We developed ALWAYS OPEN WITH DAVE KOECHNER. KOECHNER (Anchorman, The Office) hosts our web-cool talk show that is shot in an actual Denny’s booth while the restaurant is open for business.



  • The campaign continues to be a major success and recently won a lion from the prestigious Cannes Lion Awards in the branded Content & Entertainment category.
  • We exceeded all of Denny’s expectations doubling brand perception from 16.2 to 32 measured by brandindex.
  • Buzz rating nearly doubled, increasing from 36.1 to 66.1
  • The first series received over 6 million views.
  • New episodes are currently online from Season Two which ends in early September 2012



2012 Cannes Lion (Branded Content & Entertainment)