Gaia’s Lament: Petropolis is a sterling example. Generations of dirty industry left enough air pollution that a slightly ravenous acid rain a common occurrence, rain exposure induced cancer are the biggest killer just behind pollution related emphysemas. And with some shades of cyberpunk to go with the rest of the Wretched Hive. Genius Breeding Act/Super Breeding Program: the Cognitae was partially this. Lilean Chase created the Cognitae school to develop, “by means psychic, eugenic and noetic” an entire generation of highly intelligent and competent heretics, and many of their modern agents are descended from her in one way or another.

Replica Hermes Handbags Lady of War: Considered absolutely essential in order for a lady to be properly accomplished in this setting. Lecture as Exposition: After the Cold Open, the setting is introduced for us in the form of an illustrated pop up book of England’s history, read by Mr. Bennet to his daughters. Love at First Sight: Claimed between Bingley and Jane, and also, rather less believably, between Darcy and Elizabeth. My Greatest Failure: The whist party at Netherfield Park, for Darcy. And possibly the infection of his father. Replica Hermes Handbags

Replica Hermes Bags Leon Tolchinsky A schoolteacher who is brought to Kulyenchikov to educate Sophia. He falls in love with Sophia and vows to break the curse so that she will not have to marry Count Gregor. Leon is very intelligent but also stubborn and short sighted, making it hard for him to adjust to the wacky Kulyenchikov. Sophia Zubritsky The beautiful and kind daughter of the town’s doctor. Leon falls in love with her. She is the one who can break the curse as she is the descendant of the original Sophia who caused the curse. The curse can only be broken if she is educated or if she marries a Yousekevitch. Sophia is a simple soul but is much smarter than everyone gives her credit for. She craves knowledge and love and is often just as stubborn as Leon. Count Gregor Yousekevitch The descendant of the family that put the curse of stupidity on Kulyenchikov. He attempts to break the curse by marrying Sophia. He believes himself to be much smarter than the others and believes himself to be smarter than he actually is. He strikes fear in the hearts of the other villagers, making them tremble tremble. Dr. Nikolai Zubritsky The town doctor, husband of Lenya and father of Sophia. A true fool through and through who acts as an unofficial leader of the town. He has a tendency to belittle his wife and daughter. Lenya Zubritsky Nikolai’s wife and Sophia’s mother. Much like her husband, she tends to belittle others but, like her daughter, she is smarter than the others give her credit for. Magistrate The very old town official. He performs the important town duties like running the bell and being the minister at the wedding. Something Something Snetsky The local shepherd who can’t remember Hermes Replica Birkin hermes replica handbags Hermes Replica Birkin his own name. Mishkin The postman who knows facts about the curse. Slovitch The butcher who, even by Kulyenchikov standards, is very, very stupid. Yenchna The local female vendor who is often made fun of for her age and appearance. Alexei Leon’s con artist uncle. A character added to the musical, he becomes Yenchna’s love interest. This work provides examples of: Replica Hermes Bags

Replica Hermes Birkin The issues with the Carnival of Killers includes expies of Clownface and Panda from Body Bags. Slumber Party: Harley held a supervillainess sleepover in one issue. Split Personality: Two Face appears at one point, so that’s a given. However, the storyline where he appears also involves a businessman allegedly having an affair with a woman who turns out to be his wife’s split personality. Also, Rose and Thorn appear when Harley goes to Metropolis. The Starscream: When Harley starts her own gang she gets several, including a remnant of one of Joker’s gangs who is disappointed she isn’t more violently destructive. Replica Hermes Birkin

Hermes Belt Replica Contrived Coincidence: A less extreme example than some, and somewhat disguised, but the way that Raffles finds Bulstrode, and the fact that Bulstrode turns out to be Ladislaw’s step grandfather, both seem to be large coincidences. Par for the course in a Victorian novel, though. Decided by One Vote: Lydgate has the Replica Hermes Replica Hermes deciding vote on the chaplaincy of the new hospital. Death of the Hypotenuse: Casaubon tries desperately to avert this, and with a Thanatos Gambit seeks to ensure that even in the event of his death the survivors could never marry Hermes Belt Replica.