It was moderately successful in Japan, in the form of Kamiyama’s Stand Alone Complex series, but it’s not a cult classic or as appreciated as it is in the West. It won like 1 award in Japan, but virtually no praise or anything. In the States, back in the day, it was numbed 1 on the Billboard charts and the VHS sold 1 million copies, at least $10, which means it made back its full budget.

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“His grandmother was right there and she was so embarrassed. I told him that Santa goes to the bathroom just like all little boys. He said, ‘that’s what I wanted to know,’ and he was happy. “I just try to play with pride, taking on a lot of double teams, taking on blocks so people like JD and Anzalone and Brantley and Cox can get free,” said Ivie, speaking of his other teammates in the 2017 Draft. “So that is one thing I did this year, I was taking on blocks and doing my job. Everyone on the team has to be accountable so everybody has a certain job.”.