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High Quality Hermes Replica There is no word on the C02 emissions at this stage, but expect the NX300h to significantly undercut the cleanest eD4 version of the Evoque in terms of fuel economy with an official figure of around 65mpg combined likely.There will also be two petrol powered versions the flagship will be the new NX200t an all new 2.0 litre turbo unit with around 250bhp, which looks set to roll out across the range, replacing the old 2.5 litre V6 in a number of models.The final option is a naturally aspirated version of the new 2.0 litre engine, but even this version will have the option of either front or four wheel drive. Instead of the battery assisted four wheel drive of the NX300h both these models will use a more traditional mechanical four wheel drive system with a locking centre differential, borrowed from the Toyota RAV4. As with all Lexus models there’ll also be an F Sport version, with larger wheels, sportier styling and a plusher cabin which is likely to cost around 5,000 more than the standard car.Inside, the the NX features a range of new gadgets, including a wireless charging tray for smartphones and iPads, a head up display, panoramic cameras, G sensor and boost meter.The interior is designed to be sportier and more driver focused, so there is a thick rimmed steering wheel, and alloy pedals, but most of the switch gear Hermes Replica will be familiar to any owner of the GS or IS, with the same analogue clock set in the centre of the dash and ‘sliding’ climate control touch sensors next to the hi fi.Order books for the new NX will open this autumn, and a company source told us that as well as targeting the Evoque, the NX would be similar in size and price to an Audi Q5 and BMW X5 High Quality Hermes Replica.