Trickster MythsTrickster myths center around a specific archetypal character found in many cultures around the world. Examples of trickster characters include the Norse god Loki, the Greek god Hermes and the Native American Coyote, who is prominent in the myths of many tribes. What tricksters like Coyote personify is the force that brings change to otherwise static and often rigid social structure the force of human experimentation and raw passion which is why the trickster often takes animal forms..

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“In the last three years, we have now rescued three million meals,” says Mullins, a former church pastor whose eyes have been opened by his job. “In New Haven, for instance, that’s about 127,000 people that are in need. About 37 thousand children are in this ‘food insecure’ category.” The quick delivery allows for donations to include fresh fruits, vegetables and meats..

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