Maybe I’m selfish and you might agree because you’re a wonderful person and a devoted partner. This has been the hardest decision of my life. I hope we can end this amicably and I know that will be challenging because you’re angry. In New York, the leader of the state Senate, Joseph Bruno, has state troopers drive him to helicopters that fly him from the state capitol of Albany, to, say, Manhattan, so that he can attend fundraisers. That’s right instead of patrolling the streets, the troopers are the errand boys for Senator Bruno. And you, the taxpayer/sucker, pay for the Senator’s helicopter usage..

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Replica Valentino Randal Grichuk (10), Teoscar Hernandez (9.5), Justin Smoak (9.3) and Josh Donaldson (8.7) were sixth, eighth, 10th and 17th based on the metric from last year, respectively.But the question is: What will the Jays do with their outfield? Right now, they have Kevin Pillar, Steve Pearce, Curtis Granderson, Grichuk and Hernandez, which means Hernandez likely starts the year in Triple A, as he’s blocked by worthless veterans (few things get me more fired up).From a baseball perspective, some projections have the Yankees and Red Sox winning 91 games apiece, so the Blue Jays will need the swing for the fences mentality they’ll get by playing their young, high upside players. Who gives them that? Hernandez does for sure, and Grichuk is good for 25 30 home runs and could be a post hype breakout candidate. Who doesn’t give them that upside? Pearce and Granderson.From a Fantasy perspective, I’m in on Grichuk in five outfielder leagues as my OF4/5 with upside Replica Valentino.