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In the name of God the Most Gracious the Most Merciful
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Wholesale Replica Bags Prayers of God famous for the light of the lights of error and illusion, which is located by most believers in regard to worship

Since the mission of the Prophet peace be upon him He confirms through hundreds of correct texts peremptory That the rituals of worship do not take fruit unless the correct acts of worship, and the biggest mistake, and the biggest imbalance, and the largest Muslims have been that they imagined that religion is ritual worship is nothing, although leaving Danq of haraam better than eighty arguments after the argument of Islam, Provided on the naafil, (((Women remember that they frequent her prayers, fasting, and ratified, but it hurts her neighbors tongue, he said: In the fire)

[Ahmad from Abu Hurayrah]
((entered a woman in the cradle of her custody until she died and entered the fire; it is not feed her and keep her when she locked her, nor left her eat from the ground) It]
Nummam pray and fast, but does not enter Paradise, because it spoiled relations

Brothers when we advise? When we see religion not in prayer, fasting, Hajj and zakat only?
Religion in treatment, religion in commitment, religion in command and prohibition, that God sees you where you are commanded,, The religion to be and God two days ago I met a man working in the food trade, and through his travels found a food product written on it in a net cow, the price of the package for sale at a very large distance, and can achieve tens of millions of one deal, And afraid of God to search for this product in a careful search, he later learned that it is a waste of abattoirs, and may light And he may be the eyes of the cow, and he has removed tens of millions, and kicked him with his foot, because he feared God, that which we want, we want charity, we want God knows a brother praised building, and delayed transfer of ownership of the building to his companions twenty-three years For the reasons that are not of it, for a certain routine, so the owners of these buildings thought something about themselves. The house bought twelve thousand dollars, and it was not his name. They thought that the owner of the project was obstructing the official record in order to extort money Wholesale Replica Bags.